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Thread Measuring GONOGO Gauge High Precision 6g


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Material: Chrome Steel GCR15, HRC58-65, High hardenability, high hardness, dimensionally stable and durable.
End knurling process, Edge rounding process, the edge is rounded, and the end face is knurled, Both beautiful and non-slip practical
Ring gauge laser engraving, Clear and wear-resistant, High hardness of the measuring surface, wear resistance, long service life


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Weight 0.5 kg

M3X0.5(TZ)6g, M4X0.7(TZ)6g, M5X0.8(TZ)6g, M6X1.0(TZ)6g, M8X1.25(TZ)6g, M10X1.5(TZ)6g, M12X1.75(TZ)6g, M14X2.0(TZ)6g, M16X2.0(TZ)6g, M18X2.5(TZ)6g, M20X2.5(TZ)6g