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HK0306~HK3020 series needle bearings, factory direct supply


Chrome steel GCr15 material

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Material: High quality Chrome steel GCr15
The surface is smooth, comfortable and corrosion-resistant;
Fine manufacturing process, repeated polishing and polishing;
Uniform running speed and high working efficiency.

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HK0306(ID=3, OD=6.5, L=6), HK0408(ID=4, OD=8, L=8), HK0509(ID=5, OD=9, L=9), HK0608(ID=6, OD=10, L=8), HK0609(ID=6, OD=10, L=9), HK0709(ID=7, OD=11, L=9), HK0808(ID=8, OD=12, L=8), HK0810(ID=8, OD=12, L=10), HK0908(ID=9, OD=13, L=8), HK0910(ID=9, OD=13, L=10), HK0912(ID=9, OD=13, L=12), HK1010(ID=10, OD=14, L=10), HK1012(ID=10, OD=14, L=12), HK1015(ID=10, OD=14, L=15), HK1210(ID=12, OD=16, L=10), HK1212(ID=12, OD=16, L=12), HK1312(ID=13, OD=19, L=12), HK1412(ID=14, OD=20, L=12), HK1416(ID=14, OD=20, L=16), HK1512(ID=15, OD=21, L=12), HK1516(ID=15, OD=21, L=16), HK1522(ID=15, OD=21, L=22), HK1612(ID=16, OD=22, L=12), HK1614(ID=16, OD=22, L=14), HK1616(ID=16, OD=22, L=16), HK1622(ID=16, OD=22, L=22), HK1712(ID=17, OD=23, L=12), HK1812(ID=18, OD=24, L=12), HK1816(ID=18, OD=24, L=16), HK2010(ID=20, OD=26, L=10), HK2012(ID=20, OD=26, L=12), HK2016(ID=20, OD=26, L=16), HK2018(ID=20, OD=26, L=18), HK2020(ID=20, OD=26, L=20), HK2030 ZW(ID=20, OD=26, L=30), HK2210(ID=22, OD=28, L=10), HK2212(ID=22, OD=28, L=12), HK2216(ID=22, OD=28, L=16), HK2218(ID=22, OD=28, L=18), HK2220(ID=22, OD=28, L=20), HK2512(ID=25, OD=32, L=12), HK2516(ID=25, OD=32, L=16), HK2520(ID=25, OD=32, L=20), HK2526(ID=25, OD=32, L=26), HK2816(ID=28, OD=35, L=16), HK2820(ID=28, OD=35, L=20), HK3012(ID=30, OD=37, L=12), HK3016(ID=30, OD=37, L=16), HK3020(ID=30, OD=37, L=20)